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Brienno, Italy

Is it possible to provide a different interpretation and a whole new meaning to a residence by simply redesigning the interior? This was the challenge taken up by Arkham Project when it was assigned the refurbishment project of a seventies-style villa looking onto Lake Como.  In an attempt to unite, why not try to divide: four strips of different colours and materials intersect all of the rooms on each floor of the house.

Colour changes involve all elements without exception, from floor to ceiling, even comprising the swimming pool where it becomes an element of separation between the entrance and the counter-current pool. The lighting system, consisting of a combination of recessed linear elements for ambient and accent lighting underpins the linearity of the spatial layout. 

A consistent use of materials, precise details, sharp cornered joints and intersecting lines perform the necessary function of redefining an identity and a new spatial layout.

Project: Arkham Project

Photo: Marcello Mariana

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