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Milan / Italy

In the heart of Milan, a stone's throw from Piazza Duomo, the ORABLU project was born: a private residence developed as a fluid environment, which suggests a welcoming perceptive continuity, guided by the choice of fine finishes and custom-made design. The diffusion of light, the discreet technology, the choice of materials and the layout of the spaces create an elegant environment that recalls the aesthetics of a boat.

The need to make the most of all the volumes has made it possible to recreate a flexible home experience, an alternation of environments that communicate with each other spontaneously, with no clear separation. The destination of spaces that are no longer conceived according to function but to the sensation they transmit changes: thus the living area communicates with the kitchen and the living room, while the bedroom fades into the bathroom, creating a zone of shared intimacy.

Just like in a ship's cabin, the furnishings, layout and materials used are entirely custom-made with extreme attention to detail. Glass and transparencies, marbles, brass finishes and wood panelling covered with a ferrous-based paint alternate seamlessly in space: a solution designed ad hoc to communicate three-dimensionality through sophisticated oil shades. Hence the inspiration for "Ora blu" as the name of the apartment, which - besides recalling a shade particularly loved by the client - suggests a space for resting at the end of the day, between sunset and dusk, for relaxing "in the harbour" of the cerulean evening light.


Project: Eclettico Design - Lombardini22

Photo: Beppe Raso

Collection GIOTTO

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