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The full form of the acronym ‘CEA’ is ‘Centro Energie Alternative’. The name was quite a significant choice during the 1980s, when the firm was founded, as the identification of sources of ‘alternative energy’ did not yet represent a primary objective and need for the world's population.

In the 1987 Brundtland Report the World Commission on Environment and Development determined that there is an obligation on the part of all communities to assume the vital ethical and social responsibility of responding to present needs without harming future generations. We are thus dealing with the question of environmental sustainability, i.e., safeguarding the quality of life from both the economic and social points of view, while respecting the environment and its resources (sustainable development).

CEA recognises the importance of these values and accepts the idea of this ‘social responsibility’ in relation to the future. The firm moreover recognises the need to take future generations into consideration when industrial plans are established. Creating a product implies ‘growth’ and the distribution of ‘new things’ around the planet. ‘Generating development’ means distributing ‘recyclable things’ around the planet.

Only in the latter case is it possible to avoid causing harm to future generations. What is now used as a tap to distribute water can be later transformed into something quite different: a door-handle, a chair leg, a window frame and so on. CEA thus prefers production processes that are simplified and present a low environmental impact, avoiding the use of pollutants or processes that would be highly toxic for the environment, and insists on using fully recyclable materials, the first of which is stainless steel.




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