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The capacity to respond to the requirements of designers, while adopting an approach emphasizing evolution in terms of form and content in all products, is an evident feature of CEA’s lines of production. Modern ideas, innovative content and smooth design are proposed, taking into consideration current operating systems, plumbing technology, construction technique, industrialisation factors and the evolution of building methodology. Our current activities are based on past experiences in the plumbing and construction sectors and aim at combining technical and functional aspects with aesthetic factors and the technicalities of architectural design.

At the time CEA was founded in 1984 it was awarded two particular patents which bear witness to its skill in the technological field of tap design and production. These industrial inventions transformed the traditional methods adopted in the installation of taps and piping, introducing an emphasis on simplification, rapid installation and guaranteed operation.

The most important of these patents is that concerning the ‘Pipe Water Fitting’ (PWF) methodology,  which provides for the fast coupling of taps to water-supply systems. The PWF method eliminates the need for parts installed in internal wall recessing. Water-mixing no longer occurs inside the wall but on the outside, and this allows for a clear identification of any possible types of technical failure. The PWF technique is a universal system for all types of application.

CEA places a constant emphasis on the identification of building materials that present a clear aesthetic value and high performance. It combines AISI 316L steel with such materials as silicone rubber, acetalic resin and carbon fibre.

The characteristics of these materials are moreover mainly related to functional aspects:

Silicone rubber: a very light material, flexible and resistant to temperature variations. Used by CEA in water-supply conduits as a replacement for traditional tubing in nylon or steel fibre or as delivery piping (registered CEA patent).

Acetalic resin: Delrin® is characterised by its mechanical strength and hardness, dimensional stability, self-lubricating property, extreme lightness and hygienic qualities.

This material is used by CEA in shower fittings and spray accessories on account of the convenience ensured by light weight and a very low risk of accumulation of calcareous matter owing to the fact that water will immediately slip off of its surface.

Carbon fibre: a particularly high-quality material characterized by a high degree of mechanical resistance, extreme lightness, its resistance to changes in temperature and the effects of chemical agents and good fire-retardant properties. Used by CEA in air-destratification devices and fans, this material ensures high levels of performance at low levels of power consumption. For the movement of particularly light blades in fact only a low-voltage motor is required. The aesthetic result is provided by a particularly refined design.




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