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Arona / Italy

Located on the hill facing Lake Maggiore on the Piedmont side, the house recovers the grounds of a pre-existing construction, structuring the new volumes on sloping ground. The house extends from the driveway level going down two successive levels and following the natural slope; the volume is closed towards the street, along which the building is hardly visible. The whole building stretches out like a telescope towards the panoramic view, framing the overlooking Rocca di Angera on the Lombard shore in its architectural frames.

Both the living area and the lower level of the rooms open onto the landscape of the lake with glass surfaces and loggias, placing all the living areas – both private and social - in direct contact with the exteriore; a basement level contains services and garage. On the side of the house, an external staircase connects the different levels in a small promenade; on the same side, an exposed concrete volume houses a large infinity pool with a glass retaining wall.


Project: Parisotto + Formenton Architetti

Photo: Giulio Ghirardi

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